Often it’s a single disturbing event, a series of similar events, or crisis that brings people to therapy. In these instances, the initial short-term work tends to focus on managing the problem and symptom reduction so that life, again, becomes bearable. This short-term stabilization may be sufficient for some. 

Others may feel a renewed curiosity about life and a desire for continued exploration through medium or long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. This search for understanding may examine why behavior and relationship patterns are repeated, what the stories we create about ourselves tell us about our lives, and what our dreams, slips, and symptoms reveal.  

Such work can help shift the patterns in which we get stuck and stimulate renewed curiosity and more creativity and interest in life.  

• Adolescents

Adolescence can be a time of tremendous upheaval with profound emotional, physical, and neurological growth. I work with adolescents with a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, mood swings, eating disorders, excessive fears, peer and relationship difficulties, behavioral changes, and school and academic problems. I work with adolescents to help them manage the often overwhelming feelings that can occur during this time of multiple transitions.

• Adults

I work with adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, work and career dissatisfaction and upheaval, feelings of stuckness or deadness, artist’s block, or lack of purpose. An area of particular interest is working with women who have recently received or are living with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Together we work to understand present-day difficulties and past influences on the present, and to identify maladaptive patterns as we cultivate strategies for more productive living.

• Couples

Intimate relationships offer us fulfillment and simultaneously stir up some of our deepest anxieties and fears. Couples can use therapy to make sense of the struggles and impasses they face as individuals and within their relationships.


Consultation and Supervision

I provide consultation to parents who have questions  or concerns regarding their child or adolescent.  Issues can include developmental changes, emerging sexuality, drug and alcohol use, peer conflicts, difficulties in school, and sibling rivalry. 

I supervise a wide range of professionals including clinical psychologists and psychologist trainees, marriage and family therapists.

My supervisory style stems from a variety of models, but my focus is always on the therapeutic relationship and how the history and anxieties of the supervisee contributes to clinical choices.