Welcome. My name is Wendy von Wiederhold and I am a Clinical Psychologist and Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

I have a private practice in San Francisco and St. Helena and teach Child and Adolescent Development at a number of graduate schools and training sites in the Bay Area. A portion of my clinical time is dedicated to parent consultation and parent-child reunification. I spend two days a week as the Program Director for A Home Within, a national non-profit that matches current and former foster youth with experienced clinicians.

I hope the information on this website will help you find answers to many of your questions about my practice.


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I have practised as a Licensed Psychotherapist for more than 15 years. Click here for more information about my training and qualifications.
As well as seeing Adolescents, Adults, and Couples, I also provide Consultation and Supervision. Click here for more details about my practice.

If you would like to get in touch, please call 415-442-1968 or 707-531-7727. I have offices in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, and St. Helena. Click here for contact details.